About Superior Landscapes

Thank you for visiting my website, I am Pete the owner here at Superior Landscapes LLC and would like to share our story with you....back in 2001 I started plowing driveways and cutting grass on the weekends to make extra cash, having a previous background in landscaping/excavation things picked up rather quickly and found myself needing help to get the work done. Soon I bought my first machine, a rusty broken down bobcat behind a building. I put the time and effort into it like everything we do and started doing small landscape installations. This led us to where we are today, a company with a fleet of equipment working in multiple developments for home owners and builders alike.

I sacrificed many weekends, holidays and time with family to build the company we have today. I still remember sweeping the grass off sidewalks because I could not afford a leaf blower. I have learned several things in that time; Success is based on ambition, good employees, the ability to adapt and word of mouth is your best advertisement but I still have the same values and pride from day one and am proud to extend our services to you.

Sincerely, Pete Horatschki, (Owner)

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