Guarantee/Warranty: There is a thirty (30) day guarantee on new plants, perennials and trees as we have no control of the aftercare of these items. Replacement of plant material that fails to survive under the above guarantee will be replaced one time with the same size and quality of plant. We reserve the right to replace the plant at the end of the guarantee period or when the weather conditions are favorable for the plant. New lawns are guaranteed for (1) year if properly watered and fertilized. The (1) year warranty is only valid if homeowner has valid documentation that the lawn was professionally fertilized by a licensed company for the first year after installation. (TruGreen is the company we recommend) Sod - Your goal is to keep the soil extremely moist (almost soggy) initially for the first 2-3 weeks and then just consistently moist moving forward. Your sod should be well rooted and established within 4-5 weeks. We install healthy sod from the farm, therefore if the entire lawn turns yellow, brown or dies it is lack of proper maintenance. If for example a strip or two do not take from the installation we will replace the spots where needed.

Pavers & Walls: Pavers & walls are guaranteed for a period of ONE year from shifting and settling greater than ½”. Any discoloration or rusting to pavers is to be directed to the manufacturer who supplies the product guarantee.

Workmanship: All work performed by Superior Landscapes shall be performed in a professional workmanlike manner of the highest quality. All drawings, prints, designs and proposed work shall be followed as close as possible. However, site conditions due to grade structures or Superior Landscapes professional judgment may require adjustments and changes not reflected in the drawing and may not be discussed prior to changes due to keeping the job progress moving.

Change Orders: Superior Landscapes is not responsible for changes to the original work order once the customer accepts the proposal or agreement. All materials and work originally agreed upon will be paid in full, plus customer will pay labor and materials to complete new work in full. However new work added on during the course of the job can be verbally agreed upon unless homeowner asks for written documentation.

Concealed Contingencies: Superior Landscapes is not responsible for hidden unforeseen work which may not be reflected in the proposal. Items such as utilities, buried debris, boulders, stumps, poor drainage, concrete, etc. may require additional work and incur additional costs.

Utilities: Superior Landscapes will not be responsible for damage to any sprinkler system lines or heads, invisible fences, cables, drain tiles, sewer caps, clean outs, gas, telephone or any other utility lines that are on the property of the customer and or any neighbors to the customer.

Materials: All materials shall be supplied as specified; however, we reserve the right to substitute materials if necessary, of equal or higher value. We reserve the right to substitute plant materials, when available, with a similar plant of the same botanical family.

Liabilities: Superior Landscapes is not responsible for any damage to driveways, patios or sidewalks caused by any equipment or vehicles used to perform the work agreed upon.

Superior Landscapes is not responsible for any acts of GOD that may occur to the work being done in this agreed upon contract is in its duration or after its completion. If Superior Landscapes installs a lawn and a storm washes out the seed and straw Superior Landscapes is not responsible but will come re-seed and straw the yard for cost of materials and labor only.

Payment options: Credit cards will incur a 3% processing fee on total purchase. $30.00 fee will apply to any returned checks.

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